We represent private companies, associations, and non-profit organizations before government agencies and jurisdictions to bring people together and find solutions to tough issues. The firm represents public agencies and jurisdictions as well. Our principals specialize in items before the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and other regional and municipal jurisdictions in Southern California.

Public Affairs

The labyrinth of elected and appointed decision-makers, government processes, and various jurisdictions can be daunting.  Relationships help. Kindel Gagan knows people, process, and protocol. We help clients understand the intricacies of government and the layers of decision-making that affect issues and outcomes whether the goal is to secure a contract, to influence an administrative action, or to effect a change in law.

Community Outreach

Coalition and consensus building, community education and engagement, community mobilization and empowerment, and grassroots organizing and management ensure effective outcomes. Our principals have a long history of relationships with community leaders and community-based organizations.  We are adept at developing new alliances and employing innovative, technology-enabled outreach platforms to facilitate the creation of mutually beneficial community partnerships

Government Procurement

Our principals have represented clients on many significant public agency procurements in Southern California. Knowledge of different procurement rules and procedures of various jurisdictions and agencies in the region inform and assist clients in bid preparation, presentation, and, if required, protest or defense against protest.


Issue positioning, message development, and strategic communications plans ensure that our clients’ stories get heard.  Our connections with local media ensure effective communications services on nearly any issue, no matter how large or small.  We use earned and paid media, as well as direct communication tools, including print, video, and electronic media.  Our specialties include reputation management, crisis communications, issues management, and comprehensive media programs.

Land Use and Real Estate Entitlements

From site and zoning analysis to preparation of entitlement applications to acquiring building permits, we provide a full range of land use & development services.  We build coalitions, engage with community groups, and represent clients at public hearings for all types of projects.  We represent some of the largest commercial and residential developers in Southern California on complex developments seeking multiple entitlements as well as individuals and small businesses facing compliance issues.

Education Services

Kindel Gagan serves a variety of clients who believe that public education is essential to democracy and who aim to improve the quality of education for all students, promote teachers and training, and provide effective and transparent governance. From outreach to civic, political, and business leaders in the Los Angeles region or community organizations and local non-profits to governance advice and board recruitment to site acquisition and entitlement assistance, we provide services for school districts and individual schools whether traditional public, public charter, private, or parochial. Our principals have assisted school districts on bond measures, particularly with messaging and fund-raising. We help match schools to private sector firms offering educational services, especially with computer-based learning, professional development, and technology services.